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Six Major Advantages of Aluminum Railings

Railings offer safety and increase the aesthetic appeal of your property. Aluminum railings are an ideal choice for many commercial properties as they are durable and economical compared to materials such as vinyl or wood. If you are looking for aluminum railings in Calgary, choose Precision Aluminum Manufacturing Inc. We provide railings for both indoor and outdoor applications. We have been manufacturing and distributing aluminum deck, stair and hand railings for over 20 years.

Advantages of choosing aluminum for your deck and stair railings include:


1. Low-Maintenance

Aluminum railings are low-maintenance. You can customize the railings according to the requirements of your commercial projects. Aluminum with powder coat requires no upkeep and can retain its natural appearance. Aluminum, when not painted, develops an invisible oxide on its surface which helps prevent corrosion. With aluminum, you don’t have to apply any protective metal coating or any chemical treatment to resist corrosion.


2. Durability

Aluminum stair railings don’t rust or corrode. They withstand harsh weather conditions and last for many years without losing their structural integrity. Property owners don’t have to replace their railings based on weather or temperature conditions. Aluminum railings are the best choice for outdoor railings, especially if you live or work near water bodies. This is because exposure to saltwater bodies can lead to corrosion and aluminum is corrosion resistant.


3. Strength

Aluminum is a non-ferrous material and does not rot, decay or rust. Aluminum railings maintain their shape and size in severe weather conditions (such as wind, rain, snow, ice and UV rays). Aluminum is more malleable when compared to steel railings and can retain its structural integrity.


4. Affordable

Aluminum deck railings are affordable compared to wrought iron, steel or wood railings. Other railings require higher upkeep and maintenance to repair corrosion, rust or rot. Aluminum railings are a one-time investment and require less maintenance.


5. Installation

Aluminum deck railings can be installed in a few hours as the installation process is simple. Aluminum railings are lightweight and can be customized to meet any of your requirements.


6. Versatility

Aluminum is available in a variety of colours, styles and patterns. The railings can be customized to match the layout of your building. Aluminum also provides a great deal of flexibility in creating sleek modern designs (clean straight lines) or decorative shapes (orbs and baluster) to increase the aesthetics of your railings.


Precision Aluminum Manufacturing Inc provides railings, fencing, guardrails, 3-D drawings and drafting to locations throughout Canada. Contact us today to design and install aluminum railings for your property.


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