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Custom Railings in Alberta & Across Canada

Precision Aluminum Manufacturing offers custom railings built to your exact specifications for those projects where standard railing systems do not meet your needs.

Some of our more artistic creations have been developed through our partnering with custom home builders, as well as individual home owners. If you are looking for something unique and fresh, Precision Aluminum can design a custom railing system for you. You can count on our unfailing support in making your plans a reality. We can fabricate many different styles of railings and fencing products to meet your needs.

Customized railing systems usually include custom angles, custom height, custom colours and the ability to use multiple railing styles on a single project, including:

  • Privacy walls
  • Wind walls
  • Pool railings
  • Wheelchair ramps
  • Wheelchair handrails
  • Aluminum stringers
  • Aluminum handrails

Fight Salt & Moisture with Aluminum

If you live or work near large bodies of water, you know the effect that salt and moisture can have on stairs and structures. Our aluminum stairs and stringers are great for conditions with salt and moisture. These durable structures can stand up to the elements outdoors and even hot tubs that push out moisture.

For information about other options or to schedule service, please contact us with your requirements.

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